Nativ gets its mojo on

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Angus Woods

19. 04. 2010 | 2 min read

Nativ gets its mojo on

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We’ve been working with a great company called Nativ, who offer a digital video content management and distribution platform and service.

Basically, if you own video content in any form then Nativ’s MioEverywhere™ service can help you get it where it needs to be (whether you’re a brand marketer, content owner, or anyone else really).

The video logistics and distribution market is fragmenting as traditional business models struggle to adapt in the wake of disruptive alternatives. This has made the marketplace crowded and confusing, so in order to succeed Nativ has to stand out and deliver a clear, compelling story.

For Velocity, that meant proving the value of Nativ’s offer with a strong core proposition, an arsenal of thought leadership materials and a clean, distinctive brand identity – the ideal platform for new business generation and expansion into the US.

Because Nativ has an overview of the whole sector, they’re in an excellent position to act as an industry expert. So we kicked off with a piece of content marketing gold: an eBook on the Essentials of Online Video Logistics, and set up a blog commenting on news and developments in video delivery.

The new site:


Their old website didn’t really do them justice, so we gave it a complete overhaul. We started with a positioning and message development work to crystallize their story, then we wrote new web copy (filled with juicy nuggets of thought leadership) and redesigned the whole thing. We also redesigned the brand identity, making it sharper and more contemporary, to fit with the new look of the website.





It’s too early to talk results but here’s what Jon Folland, the CEO of Nativ, had to say: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work on our website and related digital strategy. You’ve all done an amazing job. We were worried we’d never be able to articulate what we do! We’re very grateful to you for your patience and guidance and we’re very proud of our new brand.”

Thanks Jon!

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