Making the sales team irrelevant

Roger Warner, online PR maestro, sent us a link to this Doug Richard video.  It’s a two-minute extract from one of his start-up seminars, this one on the relationship between marketing and sales. The quote we like: “A great marketing campaign is defined by the irrelevance of the sales people who follow.”

We’ve always like the more ambitious definitions of marketing. A lot of talk abut marketing is really about marcomms. True marketing is about finding a need and filling it profitably. About dropping opportunities in the sales team’s lap so all they have to do is close.

Our favourite campaigns are always the ones that don’t just deliver leads, they deliver business.


Very interesting post. I’ve written a lot about the relationship between marketing and sales and am preseting at a webcast on the subject this Thurdsday: I agree completely with the notion that marketing is about far more than marcom. Both marketing and sales will find this expanded view to be of great benefit. And frankly, I’d much rather be a sales rep at a company whose marketing department believed their job was to deliver opportunities, not raw inquiries.

Thanks Christopher. The webcast looks well worth a listen. This is a new era for marketers — the stakes and expectations are higher, but the tools for delivering are more powerful too.

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