Internet Marketing Strategy: a meaty new briefing for all marketers

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the change taking place in digital marketing – and all the blogs, eBooks, videos and research reports that try to explain it all – take an info-break and read this one report from the Gods of Digital Marketing: Econsultancy.

It’s the new Internet Marketing Strategy Briefing and, unlike the vast majority of content from Econsutlancy, it’s free.

The Briefing covers a hell of a lot in its 46 pages, including:

Customer Centricity – user experience, customer experience management and ‘voice of the customer’

Channel Diversification – (think Mobile)

Data – measuring social, attribution models…

Social Media – social search, social commerce…

Content Strategy – the move to earned media…

Nobody boils down the complex world of digital marketing better than Econsultancy.

Highly recommended.

(Disclaimer: Yes, Econsultancy is a Velocity client but we don’t pimp unless we mean it.)


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