In Which The Hero Helps SmallWorlders Sell Intranets To Marketers

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Angus Woods

06. 01. 2010 | 2 min read

In Which The Hero Helps SmallWorlders Sell Intranets To Marketers

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We’ve been working with a great company called SmallWorlders. They produce smart, sociable intranets for marketing types. Their Sandbox™ platform, hosted model and marketing-savvy service teams combine to deliver the best marketing intranets on the planet.

When we started working with them they knew who they were and what they did but only a select few outside the company had any idea. And, as they would probably be the first to admit, their website didn’t shed much light on the matter. But they had a really good offer, so our job was to clarify the company’s positioning and messages, then bring the new story to market, starting with a spanking new website.
Smallworlders home page

The website had to appeal to that most discerning of audiences: brand executives and marketing agencies. So we gave it a cool-as-a-cucumber look, with witty text and quirky graphics, all underpinned by a sleek site architecture. The website had to look enough like a creative agency’s but not so much that SmallWorlders lost their identity. It was about balance.

Here’s what we did:

Tweaked their positioning to focus on marketers –so they weren’t spreading themselves too thin

Recommended packaging up products and service levels – so customers are clear they’re getting what they want

Gave them a new language and terminology – so their products and services sound as exciting as they actually are

Gave them a website that looked and sounded right– so they could walk the walk and talk the talk

Promoted SmallWorlders’ unique approach – through thought leadership pages, laying the groundwork for eBooks, web seminars, white papers, video…


SmallWorlders liked us so much they put us on their Christmas card list:

We love this card

The scribble inside:

‘Stan: Thanks for selling me Velocity’s services…I’m very glad you did!’
–Kevin Cody, MD

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