IBS campaign shortlisted for B2B Marketing Awards 2010

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14. 07. 2010 | 2 min read

IBS campaign shortlisted for B2B Marketing Awards 2010

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Ice the champagne: our ‘Margin Killers’ campaign for IBS has been shortlisted for the Best International Campaign category in this year’s B2B Marketing Awards.

IBS is a leading provider of distribution resource planning software.

In this campaign – working closely with Andy Bailey and the IBS marketing team –  we re-positioned the company as a distribution specialist, developed a new web marketing platform and launched an ambitious content marketing campaign to generate leads, increase engagement and position IBS as a thought leader.

Campaign goals:

Consolidate the web infrastructure for global marketing campaigns

Position IBS as the thought leader in global distribution software

Generate leads and feed the CRM system for follow-up

Campaign strategy:

Create an online engine to drive international content marketing

Deliver flexible content for global marketing and PR programmes

Measure the improved performance of the website and content

Measure impact of different marketing investment across countries.

Provide global content support for local marketing execution.

We’re now writing and designing an ongoing series of eBooks on the value drivers of wholesale distribution: expenses, cash, revenue, inventory, and margins. The first eBook, on the Six Margin Killers, has already resulted in 1,050 downloads from 4000 views: a conversion rate of 26%.

It’s been a really successful campaign, with a proven increase in visitors to the site, more time spent on the site, and a lower bounce rate. And as the content builds, these will all improve even more.

Neil Stoneman masterminded the campaign and he’s riding the analytics like a bucking bronco. Watch this space.

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