How to master Content Marketing Metrics in 8 easy reads

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Angus Woods

03. 06. 2013 | 3 min read

How to master Content Marketing Metrics in 8 easy reads

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Marketing today is a long way from the glamorous Mad Men world of the 1960s (assuming that the show is even halfway historically accurate, which it almost certainly isn’t). Think less slick suits and whisky and more long, coffee-fueled hours in Google Analytics.

I’ve only been working at Velocity for four days (I’m on work experience) and after a lot of reading and a lot of (very) gradual learning, already I can confidently tell you that metrics are the single most important things a content marketer needs to think about.

Your content marketing campaign’s success can only be measured against the goals you set for it. Broadly speaking, strategic objectives should always point to the metrics you’ll be using. These metrics can be split into four major categories:

  1. Consumption – like raw site and page traffic figures
  2. Engagement – things like how long viewers spend on your site and the bounce rates
  3. Sharing – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweets, Google+ etc.
  4. Conversion – how often do content consumers turn into customers or do some other desired action (download an ebook, sign up to mailing list etc.)

Depending on your site and what you’re looking to get out of your campaign, you, as the marketer, need to decide what metrics to track. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive round-up of some of the best material on content marketing metrics that I’ve discovered in my web travels.

What did I learn from these 8 gems?

That minding your metrics can make a huge difference between content marketing that just sits there and content marketing that flies off and lays eggs and stuff.

That thinking a bit about metrics up front may actually change the things you do, before it’s too late.

And that metrics and analytics really aren’t that hard. It’s common sense that just hasn’t become very common yet.

Go forth and measure.


Michael Crewe is an Exeter University student who spent some time with us at Velocity.

He and his friends produce an excellent music blog called Can You Hear This.

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  1. John Malecki

    July 11th, 2013

    One teeny, tiny point. “Mad Men” is, amazingly, pretty damned accurate. I’ve known people who were in the ad biz during that era, and while things are distilled and concentrated for dramatic purposes, it does a good job of painting a slightly simplistic but spot-on picture of the era.

    I didn’t start in the business until the late ’70s and didn’t hit New York until ’85, but some of the “Mad Men” culture was still there, though quickly disappearing. From what I hear, it’s nowhere near as fun as it was 25 years ago, but I went B2B some time back and that’s another animal with its own cultural evolution.

    Hope you’re enjoying your third month at Velocity.

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