Galvanizing story part 5: Talking the… talk.

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Doug Kessler

21. 05. 2020 | 1 min read

Galvanizing story part 5: Talking the… talk.

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I spoke about The Galvanizing Story at last year’s Content Marketing World.

It’s kind of the Musical Video Extravaganza version of the first four blog posts on this topic (without the music and in place of “extravaganza” insert “mumbling introvert”).

In the spirit of, “Tell ’em what you told ’em because they weren’t really listening”, this is the video version. Full of more swearing than even I expected (I swear when I get nervous or when I’m having fun… this was both).

Share it with your less-literate colleagues who can’t be bothered to actually read stuff.

Fun fact: I loved that shirt but I left it in the hotel room.

The first four posts in the Galvanizing Story series

Marketo tells me you’ve read 1 and 3 but skipped 2 and and didn’t finish 4 (what’s up with that?).

Post 1: What’s After Content Marketing?

Post 2: The Guts of a Galvanizing Story.

Post 3: A B2B Positioning Example.

Post 4: The Emotional Heart of Your Brand.

Now I’m gonna sit here and wait till you actually press the Share on Twitter or LinkedIn button. (Forget about Pinterest and, um, Google Plus—we’re a bit behind in our site hygiene).

Go on.

I’m going nowhere.

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