Sexy new FODM 2012 mailer. Oooh….

Brochure for Econsultancy Future of Digital Marketing by Velocity Partners

The Future of Digital Marketing event (FODM) is a highlight of the digital marketing calendar and one of Econsultancy’s longest-standing events.

So we were thrilled when Laura Wall asked us to do the main print promotional piece for the 2012 event.  We gave it to Luke Donaghey to design –– he did last year’s bright, red poster, so we couldn’t exactly take this one away from him. (Though Jim did the stunning logo).

Here it is. A black uncoated cover with black foil blocking. Opening up to the letters from the FODM logo blown up in red on tracing paper.

Not a lot of copy. Just enough to make the point: it’s big, it’s back and it’s very cool (if you haven’t been to FODM… book it before it sells out).

Here’s some more eye candy (in case you weren’t elite enough to get it in the post). Pardon the unretouched iPhone shots — sometime life moves too fast for Photoshop:

Econsultancy direct mailer by Velocity Partners

Future of Digital Marketing event identity and brochure by Velocity B2B marketing


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