Five B2B marketing posts we think you’ll like

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06. 09. 2011 | 2 min read

Five B2B marketing posts we think you’ll like

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We know you like the backs of our hands. You’re a B2B marketer who’s always looking for new ideas, strategies, tactics and technologies. (See? Nailed you in one sentence). With this persona in mind, via the magic of content curation, here are five blog posts we’ve enjoyed recently:

Social Media, Pretend Friends, and the Lie of False Intimacy  via @jaybaer
Jay discusses the illusion of intimacy created by social media – as exemplified by the recent tragic death of Trey Pennington, a fellow B2B marketer and (we thought) a friend.

What ‘marketing automation’ means for the well-rounded B2B marketer @venturebeat
Bryan Brown of Silverpop gives an excellent, short outline of the essentials of marketing automation. The way Bryan sees it, it’s about Data Collection, Lead Management, Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Social Marketing, Tracking & Reporting. Nice one, Bryan. Clear, simple, comprehensive.

How Kinaxis uses Social Media via @tellallmarketing
A nice, short case study on how Kinaxis, the supply chain software company, started using social media. Refreshingly open and with results included. Thanks Kinaxis.

The Bad Science of Link Exchange Emails via @chrislake
Chris is the head of content at Econsultancy. His ‘worst practice’ advice on crappy, spammy link exchange requests is an excellent survey and a damning indictment to boot. We recently did a similar take on Viagra Spam and its irresistible charms.

The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011 via @chrisbrogan
Chris Brogan had a LOT of followers. So when he decided to unfollow all of them, we knew it would be an interesting experiment. Check out his reasoning. We look forward to the results.

Does Content Curation work for you?
This post is a rather basic example of B2B Content Curation – trawling the web for relevant content that we think our readers would appreciate. The idea is simple: not every blog post you do has to be 100% original; you can still add value just by sieving some web effluent and pointing out the choice nuggets for people. (Note to self: mix metaphors more carefully). Work for you?






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