Evel Knievel, corporate positioning & corporate message development – a new Velocity white paper

Velocity, the smartest, most results-driven B2B technology marketing agency on the planet, today announced the availability of a new white paper for technology marketers facing corporate positioning and corporate message development problems.

It deals with the fact that most technology companies are run by smart, technical engineering types – and these folks are pre-disposed to take a running jump from tech-speak to Big Business Benefits when tackling their corporate positioning and corporate message development projects.

In doing so, they’re approaching things in the same way that Evel Knievel used to approach the Snake River Canyon — because they recognise how far away the Land of Really Meaningful Business Benefits is from the World of Technology.  And the result is predictable:  they fall down.

The truth is, companies can’t leap from tech features to Big Business Benefits when describing themselves.  They have to build a bridge between them.  Better still, they need to swing across this ‘benefits chasm’ on a Vine.

And that’s what this new Velocity white paper is all about. It’s a killer set of diagrams and best practice advice for slaying any daredevil message and positioning pretensions you may have.

You can download it today, FREE, via:

About Velocity

Velocity is the consulting-led B2B marketing agency for the Interweb era, specialising in technology. Projects range from strategic consulting to marketing acceleration programs to digital engagement campaigns that include through-the-line content, creative, websites, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising and web analytics. Clients include dotMobi, Gartner, ShipServ, Clearswift, ip.access.

For further information about Velocity, see:   https://velocitypartners.com


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