Epic Content Marketing: a book review

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Doug Kessler

25. 10. 2013 | 3 min read

Epic Content Marketing: a book review

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As the world turns to content marketing, there’s a massive, insatiable, global hunger for information about the discipline.

Joe Pulizzi and his terrific team at the Content Marketing Institute have led the way in meeting this demand, with a non-stop pipeline of content marketing about… content marketing. (Meta or what?  Maybe there’s a new niche for content about content that’s specifically about content marketing).

On the way, Joe has co-written two really good books on the subject: Get Content Get Customers (with Newt Barrett) and Managing Content Marketing (with Robert Rose).

Finally, Joe sat up and said, “Why am I sharing my royalties with these blood-sucking bastards? I’M THE MAN!” and he’s given us a new book that tackles the entire subject, A to nuts, all by himself.

Actually, it’s highly unlikely that this was Joe’s motivation for this new book. The core of Joe’s approach has always been generosity. He’s built his Cleveland empire (think Google campus but bigger…foosball tables, climbing wall, analysts on roller skates, free aromatherapy, pizza on tap…) on creating a real community around this emerging discipline.

And, thanks to his role at the centre of this community, Joe knows all and sees all.  It’s kind of creepy actually. But it’s also the major strength of this important book.

Okay, I’m sucking up a bit here — you don’t want to get on Joe’s bad side (the temper on that man). But here’s why I really think it’s an important book:
Because it’s what the market needs right now.
The people discovering content marketing tend to work for people who grew up with a completely different marketing model. So we all need a lot of help NOW to make the case for content marketing, so we can get the budgets we deserve.
This book will be solid gold for anyone building such a case. Suck it dry for your pitch deck and you’ll get the money
Because it’s packed with real examples.
The generosity thing is on display on every page. Joe shares so many examples (including a handful of Velocity references — thanks Joe), you’re sure to find one to support what you want to do.
Because it’s so bloody practical.
A lot of writers write to show you how smart they are (I know, I know wise arse: mea culpa). Joe writes to help people do their jobs better. The book is packed with practical advice you not only can use right away, you’d be kind of crazy not to.

The whole Content Marketing landscape

The book is divided into these sections:

I. Content Marketing – There and Back Again

A definition, a short history and the business case.

II. Defining Your Content Niche and Strategy

All about finding your own sweet spot. What content you should be creating and why.  Why you need subscribers. The role of personas…

III. Managing the Content Process

A complete tour of what good process looks like. For every size of company. Editorial calendars, content platforms, a channel plan… the works.

IV. Marketing Your Stories

Getting your content seen, heard and shared. Social media, influencers, alternative promotion angles…

V. Making Content Work

Measuring your impact and taking your strategy forward.
In short, this is the Whole Enchilada with extra black beans and a side of guac.

All prepared by the guy who sees more content marketing, knows more content marketers and does more content marketing than anyone else you’ll ever meet.

Get the book.

Read the book.

Follow the advice.



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  1. Greg Elwell

    October 28th, 2013

    Hey Doug – As you know, I too am blown away by THE MAN IN ORANGE and his damn practical book! It’s given us a fantastic blueprint to help not only our own thinking and marketing, but to help those we serve to change the world.

    The other perspective I would share that may not seem so evident, but powerful nonetheless is the involvement of others in your content marketing strategy and promotions.

    Joe has said he used over 100 contributors to building the Epic Content Marketing story. So, while it was a solo shot – he got a lot of help from his friends who are experts in their own right – shined the light on them, and just look at what that made possible – for all of us!


  2. Doug Kessler

    October 28th, 2013

    Thanks Greg.
    Great points — and you resisted the temptation to add a link to your (excellent) podcast interview with Joe. So I’ll do it:


    Recommended listening.

  3. Nenad

    November 2nd, 2013

    3 more chapters and I’ll be done too. Shame on me it took me so long. Anyway, you made me burst into loud laughter with “you don’t want to get on Joe’s bad side (the temper on that man).” LOL, indeed.

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