Conversion Conference Coming – fancy a discount?

B2B marketers are finally getting around to focusing on web conversion. After years of chasing traffic, it’s dawned on us all that what we do with that traffic actually makes a huge difference to our success.

With that in mind, we’re proud to have negotiated a 15% discount for you, our readers, on conference passes for the upcoming Conversion Conference. The Conference runs from 1-2 November in London. Negotiating such a big discount wasn’t easy. They offered 10%. We countered with 20% and got up to leave the room (works every time). They settled on 15% if we gave them a blog post and link. Done.

Now I’ll be honest. I haven’t been to one of their conferences before but two things make me think it will be worth your while:

1) Conversion is massively important.

2) The conference is sponsored by Conversion Rate Experts who we have a LOT of time for.

To claim the discount we fought so hard to secure,  (and, let’s face it, to earn us a free pass), click on the logo below and use the code VELOCITY010 when you register.

B2B marketing conversion conference


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