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B2B content marketing & marketing automation

In case you missed last week’s Content Marketing & Marketing Automatation webinar put on by DemandGen’s John Sweeney, here’s a link to the archived talk with slides.

In it, Bob Apollo of Inflexion Point and Hubspot takes you through his principles of content marketing and Doug Kessler from Velocity shares Twelve Lessons learned from our B2B Marketing Manifesto campaign.

Bob also gave people links to two very valuable downloads that we wanted to tell you about. They’re two templates to help you focus your own content marketing efforts:

The Stakeholder Profile / Buyer Persona Template – this helps you map out exactly who you’re targeting in your next piece of content, including job titles, roles and the key influencers, motivations, concerns, constraints, success measures and trigger events that shape each persona’s world.

This template captures a best practice content marketing in a pdf.

The Ideal Prospect Profile – a short template that helps you and your sales people define the perfect prospect – not just by demographics but by the things that really drive interest: structural, environmental and behavioural dimensions that tell you you’re on to a great prospect.

Thinking about personas in this way adds a ton of value. Because it’s often someone’s attitudes,beliefs and culture that determine their likelihood of loving what you do.

Bob knows his stuff and these templates capture a good chunk of his formidable experience.

The webinar is a great introduction to the ‘why’ and the templates show you how.


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