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We came across a great  new e-book from Jonathan Franz, a great copywriter  based in Massachusetts, yesterday on the emerging discipline of e-books. Called the eBook Ebook, it’s really well written, entertaining and offers some good advice on how to exploit ebooks in your content marketing effort. It provides:

-Real-life examples of marketing successes you can emulate
-Guidelines for identifying compelling content
-The secrets to telling unforgettable stories
-Hints, tips and secrets for organizing your ebook
-How to supplement your ideas with stats, graphs, quotes, anecdotes and more
-The right way introduce your ebook
-An even better way to conclude your ebook to encourage reader action
-Practical pointers on tone, theme and style.

The greatest compliment we can give it is that it reads like something we may have produced. It also looks great and is free to download without registration here.  (BTW, if you haven’t done so already, check out our latest e-books on content marketing and marketing’s  holy trinity).


Thank you, gentlemen!

I can’t help it — when I see your profile pictures in the upper right hand corner, I think of “The Young Ones.” You even have a Neil!

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