Chalkbot sprays the Tour

A Chalkbot message

It’s not B2B but we just had to share this one.  The Nike-sponsored Livestrong Chalkbot is driving the Tour de France about 8 hours in front of the riders, spraying messages on the road in emulsified chalk.  Road messages are a Tour tradition but these are different.  Each message has been sent in by someone whose life has been touched by cancer (the focus of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong charity). This video shows Chalkbot in action and this one shows how it works.

People text in their messages or enter them on the Livestrong website.  If approved, the message is sent out to the Chalkbot, sprayed on to the road, then photographed in place and sent back to the originator.

An inspired combination of social media, live experience and relationship marketing — all for a great cause.  Bravo to Wieden & Kennedy and DeepLocal who not only came up with the idea but made it happen. Just Do It indeed.


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