Brevity is the soul of traffic safety

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Doug Kessler

14. 10. 2009 | 1 min read

Brevity is the soul of traffic safety

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Pet peeve: signs that desperately need a sub-editor.

This one uses nine words where… none would do (the number 30 when posted on the roadside pretty much says it all).

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  1. Susan Young

    December 7th, 2009

    I really agree with your idea brevity is the soul of safe traffic .
    Since when we are driving ,we will have a short notice to the signs but no long.Too long will consume our concentration .
    For speed safety ,our firm can offer the road with rubber speed humps. Speed Hump Rubber Black/Yellow .5 metre (which we sold to Australia )

    350mm Rubber Speed Hump (Bump)
    These sections come in 250mm modules and each module has two fixing points.
    Another feature is that the yellow sections are produced from natural yellow rubber, so they will always remain yellow with Ideal uses for the 350mm Traffic Calmer include above or below ground multi deck car parks, laneways, residential flats / units, smaller public car parks, shopping malls, drive throughs and are ideal for narrower roadways where speeding motorists are a concern and the desired speed is 10km/h or less.

    For more information,please contact with me via mail: rubbercn(at) or susuanyoung@

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