B2B marketing agency Velocity powers up IBS relaunch

Velocity Partners, the B2B marketing agency for technology companies, has announced the completion of the first phase of their project to reposition IBS, the Distribution Resource Management specialists.

IBS was in turnaround following a major re-think of its structure and services. Velocity simplified and focused IBS’s story helping position them as leaders in wholesale distribution management software. The agency also rationalized IBS’s product portfolio, tailoring each product to specific sectors.

“IBS had gone through massive change and things were rapidly improving for them, but they still had trouble getting their message out there in a clear and easily understood way”, said Neil Stoneman, Velocity Client Services Director, “Creating powerful messages is essential for IBS to capitalize on the turnaround. That’s what we do”.

As an integral part of this process, Velocity designed and built a new website in record time. The site is a platform for generating leads and running outbound campaigns. Ruthlessly logical in its structure, it manages to be both informative and engaging thanks to a killer combination of snappy copy and well-designed visuals.

IBS distribution resource management software

Velocity also incorporated thought leadership content into the programme, offering opinion and views on the market. The initial piece is an eBook on ‘margin killers’ in wholesale distribution, the first in a five-part series on the value drivers of wholesale.

“As always with a website project, it wasnt just a website project. I wanted it to be the catalyst for lots of things; yes, a new website, but also a new message, to re-energise people, and to bring us into the 21st C. The Velocity team have been great. They quickly got under the skin of the market, helped us craft a crisp story, oh and yes, they built a great website too.”–Andy Bailey, CMO

About Velocity

Velocity is the B2B marketing agency for technology companies.

Website: www.velocitypartners.com

Blog: www.velocitypartners.com/blog

Twitter: velocitytweets

Contact: Neil@velocitypartners.com

About IBS

IBS is the world leader in distribution resource management software – business applications for the wholesale, distribution and manufacturer/distributor markets.

Website: www.ibs.net

Contact: info@ibs.net


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