B2B Marketing Agency to optimize around keyphrase “B2B Marketing Agency”

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Doug Kessler

20. 10. 2009 | 2 min read

B2B Marketing Agency to optimize around keyphrase “B2B Marketing Agency”

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Velocity, the B2B marketing agency, today announced its new B2B marketing agency SEO strategy: to optimize around the keyphrase B2B Marketing Agency.

“Many B2B Marketing Agency specialists do not optimize around the obvious term,” says Doug ‘B2B Marketing Agency’ Kessler, Velocity B2B Marketing Agency director, “and that is clearly, ‘B2B Marketing Agency’.  Other terms that are different from B2B Marketing Agency simply do not have the relevance or SEO juice that B2B Marketing Agency has.”

As a B2B Marketing Agency, Velocity helps its B2B Marketing Agency clients with their B2B Marketing Agency related strategies, including B2B Marketing Agency digital marketing and B2B Marketing Agency SEO.

“The B2B Marketing Agency keyphrase is much more than just a web SEO ploy,” says Kessler, B2B Marketing Agency director, “We also have initiated a comprehensive B2B Marketing Agency program to use the phrase in our daily speech in and around our B2B Marketing Agency.”

The Velocity water cooler is now called ‘the B2B Marketing Agency water cooler’ and the tea kettle is referred to as ‘the tea B2B Marketing Agency kettle’.

In this way, Velocity hopes to improve its performance not only in the search results whenever someone is searching for a B2B Marketing Agency (using the term B2B Marketing Agency) but also in people’s minds when they are considering a B2B Marketing Agency.

“If a B2B Marketing Agency isn’t coming up high in the search results for B2B Marketing Agency, you have to wonder if it’s a good B2B Marketing Agency or a crap B2B Marketing Agency,” said B2B Marketing Agency client, Sam “B2B Marketing Agency Client” Winston, “We prefer to work with good B2B Marketing Agency firms and avoid their crap B2B Marketing Agency peers.”

Doug Kessler couldn’t agree more: ” B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency, B2B Marketing Agency.” he said.

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  1. Doug Kessler

    October 20th, 2009

    B2B Marketing Agency

  2. Doug Kessler

    October 21st, 2009

    Also: B2B Marketing Agency

  3. Jason

    October 21st, 2009


    My question is about B2B Marketing Agencies. Specifically, when is a B2B Marketing Agency a B2B Marketing Agency, and not merely a Marketing Agency who happens to work in the B2B field. And what exactly is B2B? And are they hiring?

    Many thanks in advance for answering my B2B Marketing Agency question, as I’ve had some confusion on this whole B2B Marketing Agency thing, vis-a-vis, B2B Marketing Agencies and their self-identification AS B2B Marketing Agencies.

  4. Doug Kessler

    October 21st, 2009

    Thanks for your B2B Marketing Agency comment, Jason. You make an interesting B2B Marketing Agency point that I feel many B2B Marketing Agency companies would benefit from considering — especially in the a B2B Marketing Agency context.

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