Avoid marketing intranet pitfalls

Here’s an eBook we’ve written and designed for our friends SmallWorlders, the people who create fun and social intranets for marketing teams.

Smallworlders needed to show that boring intranets might just be acceptable for boring businesses but they’re never good enough for dynamic marketing teams.

Since it’s been up on the SmallWorlders website they’ve seen traffic increase 10 to 20 times the usual, which I think we can all agree is pretty damn impressive.

Up and up and up!

The eBook has been downloaded nearly 100 times in its first week with a bare minimum of promotion (so far). LinkedIn has been one of the better sources.

Kevin Cody, CEO of SmallWorlders, said, “Velocity are evangelists of content marketing and I’m a convert. This stuff works.”

More useful than a Swiss Army knife and better looking than Keira Knightley, this eBook will help you navigate your way through the choppy waters and hidden reefs of intranets for marketers. Don’t set sail without it.

Download the eBook here.


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