A B2B viral video gets contagious

B2B marketers  often question the value of the kind of video people often call ‘viral’: the quirky, witty ones that demonstrate the human side of a business. It can be hard to quantify but we’re convinced that people buy from people they want to do business with. Showing your human side can only help.

So it’s really gratifying to see this piece of coverage in Money Management magazine for a fun, stop-motion collage-style video we did for Hyperion Asset Management:

Viral Video in B2B

Viral Video in B2B

This is exactly how a viral video should work:

— show how you’re a bit different

— attract like-minded people (both prospects and influencers)

— inspire them to tell others

Bravo to Danielle Stitt, Tim Samway and Manny Pohl of Hyperion for seeing the value in this — and having the guts to do it.


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