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Slideshare 3.0

Pushing the Slideshare boundaries a bit further – an experiment.

17. 11. 2014

Content Marketing in the slow lane

Creating content that lasts.

08. 09. 2014

Gating assets: The unconsidered alternative

It’s not a question of “if” to gate, but a question about “when” to gate.

22. 07. 2014

How Google stole Christmas

Retargeting at its best (or worst). Based on a true story – mine.

18. 12. 2013

Dear non-design folks: back off.

Design for non-designers. An introduction.

29. 11. 2013

Time for heroes

Letting other people tell your story is actually quite a good idea. Here’s why.

25. 11. 2013

The missing post-purchase funnel

We’re so crazy about nurturing our prospects through the funnel. But what happens to them once they bought from us?

12. 11. 2013

Der Kessler spricht – The Content Marketing Deluge

In preparation for our Content Strategy Hangout,we talk to Doug about the imminent content marketing deluge.

12. 02. 2013

The #SocialSuccess #MICUP hits home (again)

Seven people get five minutes each to talk social media predictions. This was Salesforce’s latest Mic-up session.

25. 01. 2013

The B2B Marketing Fun Poll

We’re convinced that – even for the driest of B2B markets – successful marketing is fun marketing.

17. 01. 2013

Der Kessler spricht – Content Marketing Resolutions 2013

Doug ‘Der Kessler’ talks Content Marketing Resolutions 2013.

08. 01. 2013

Velocity goes German: copy, but much more than paste.

We’ve officially launched a blog in German to share even more of our juicy Content Marketing stuff with the world.

02. 11. 2012