Content Development: Nine Tips for B2B marketers

Content marketing has hit the tipping point for B2B marketers. At Velocity, we used to have to evangelise the concept of content marketing , then spend lots…

31. 10. 2011

Now THAT’s an infographic (most B2B infographics aren’t)

We’ve been huge fans of information graphics at Velocity ever since Edward Tufte self-published his brilliant ‘The Visual Display of…

26. 10. 2011

Content Marketing in an Age of (Faulty) Analytics

Science now pervades digital marketing (or it should). But how do you manage the prospect of bad science?

21. 10. 2011

Excellent IBM CMO study interviews 1,700+ CMOs

It’s the closest thing you can get to “the state of the marketing union”, including new technology, social media, a

19. 10. 2011

The “Get Your Stuff Read” blog post

Please. On your website, address the reader’s needs obviously and directly. Even bluntly. They’ll appreciate it.

15. 10. 2011

Content Development using Inbound Writer

Ryan came across a blog post by Jay Baer on a tool called Inbound Writer which is designed to help writers create better B2B content marketing pieces. Jay…

12. 10. 2011

Hackgate Technique: The Content Marketing Skill Part 2

A simple how-to of a powerful content marketing technique. Share thought leadership and boost online reputation man

Are you coming to FUNNEL?

FUNNEL is a great idea (well, we did help develop it). It’s a B2B marketing event that covers the entire sales/marketing pipeline. It happens on 1…

05. 10. 2011

The Hackgate technique: Giftwrap that content!

Categorizing and packaging content smartly around topics of vital interest to your business or industry pays back i

04. 10. 2011

The Devil wants Pravda (and he wants it now)

Find out happens when creative ideas get sidelined in the B2B content marketing process. It’s not clever, it’s not

30. 09. 2011

Why you should give away the very thing you sell

As content marketing gains momentum, we find that we’re not having to work quite as hard explaining the principles to prospective clients. But one…

22. 09. 2011

Content marketing & marketing automation webinar

In case you missed last week’s Content Marketing & Marketing Automatation webinar put on by DemandGen’s John Sweeney, here’s a link to…

19. 09. 2011