Sprint Business brand launch

Sprint is a monster consumer brand in the US.

But now they needed to create a business brand – plus a lead nurturing engine, a content marketing program and a new website. All from scratch. Fast. We’re really, really glad they called us.

We got our butts to Kansas City, sat down with the team and realised straight away: these are our people – super-sharp, laser-focused marketers with major ambitions. Their brief: go for it and don’t look back (what an awesome brief).

This one won Best Launch of The Year in the 2015 Content Marketing Awards, run by the Content Marketing Institute. Which is nice.

A new brand

Sprint Business is born. With a new positioning, identity, strapline, colour palette, photography, and sexy brush strokes to signal spontaneity.

A big idea

Telcos peddle productivity as if people were units of production. Sprint is different. Everything we do is about helping people do their jobs better and enjoy their work more.

A new website

A content marketing program

Slideshares, eBooks, Prezis, videos, blogs, rants, solution briefs… all promoted through social channels and with an integrated ad campaign.

Launch results: According to the brand monitor study, people who viewed our new content were twice as likely to consider Sprint for business solutions.

A lead nurturing machine

Helping develop and deploy Marketo lead nurturing flows powered by content that’s mapped to every stage of the purchase journey, for lots of audiences and solutions.

Onward and upward

There are plenty more great things in store. We’re enjoying the hell out of this work and need to express a bit of gratitude to Marin Martinovic, Tracy Palmer, Julie Goulding, Bernd Ahle and the whole Sprint team. You stuck your necks out for us, guys: we owe you.