Sprint Business
seizes the 5G high ground

An all-singin’, all-dancin’, all integratin’ campaign to position Sprint Business as the daddy of 5G.

The challenge

5G is big news for business. But most businesses assume it’s just a faster version of 4G (hmmm… might be the name).

To fix that—and to position Sprint Business as a 5G leader—we set out to be the best explainer on the internet on how 5G will effect businesses.

To do that, we did a ton of research, had a few dozen conversations with Sprint’s brilliant network engineers and architects, and out came a massive, integrated campaign. In short: our idea of fun.

The campaign in a video

With so many moving parts, we wanted to capture the campaign in a quick video.

The Ultimate 5G Explainer is the heart of the campaign. It’s a dynamic, scrolling experience that explains 5G in five ‘big leaps’—and drives people to a whole set of deeper content.

A campaign on a page

The Explainer is rich content in its own right. But it also contains 10 animated demos, 5 technical Q&As, 4 tech drill-downs, a search-optimized 5G Glossary, a Future Readiness Assessment and a new YouTube series called “Okay, But How?”.

And, yeah, it’s mobile-first

I mean Sprint is a mobile operator after all. So everything in the campaign is adaptive as heck.

Planet Sprint: the CGI gift that keeps giving

To scale this campaign, we created ‘Planet Sprint’, a whole world built in CGI (like the city shown here). To make new visuals, we just zoom in, turn the virtual camera and—voilá—a new image for content, banner ads, social posts, whatever.


The 5G campaign has its own look and feel (still very much in the Sprint brand but also its own thing). We captured this campaign look and feel in a pretty comprehensive set of guidelines.

Contextual demos

We didn’t want to do everything in CGI. We also needed a visual language for these mini-demos of 5G use cases.

Here’s some parting eye candy—wireframes that led to the final CGI animations.


Some early data:

  • Awareness of Sprint’s brand improved 24% among enterprises following the launch of the 5G campaign at the end of August 2018.
  • 81% of 600 business decision makers polled said they remembered the content.
  • Respondents associated Sprint Business with statements such as “Will provide a reliable 5G network in the near future” and “Enables opportunities for digital disruption”.
  • Consideration for Sprint Business increased 18% among enterprises overall.
  • Over half of those who saw the content said they were more likely to consider Sprint as a result.

(Not bad in a category where it’s notoriously hard to shift brand-level metrics.)