Neil Stoneman

Content Performance Director

Neil, the not-so-undercover Scot, started out at Brodeur PR, then paid his dues at BT Global Services, where he learned what inhouse marketing is like – and that he’s really an agency guy at heart. He believes that the difference between good and great content marketing is a little science. That’s why at Velocity he’s got really good at SEO and marketing automation, and launched some of the first Marketo campaigns in Europe. Neil has initiated other great traditions:

  • The contest of kicking the football from one end of the studio to the other and under the foosball table.
  • The Velocity Running, Cycling and Swimming Club (VRCSC). (He’s also the only member who does all three).
  • Using analytics to measure the impact of all that content marketing you’re doing and seeing if it actually makes any sense.

Also, a hugger.

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