We do B2B positioning & strategy

The best content marketing comes from brands that know exactly who they are and who they’re for.

Our positioning and branding work helps B2B companies answer three questions, from the buyer’s perspective:

Who the hell are you?

Why should I care?

Why should I believe you?

We wrote about this in The Holy Trinity of B2B Marketing, if you’d like to hear why we think of it this way.

Content marketing strategy isn’t rocket science

All it takes is common sense and hard work.

To figure out who your ideal prospect are.
Not just the demographics but the psychographics too.

To identify their content needs.
What they’re hungry to know

To spot gaps in the competitive content landscape.
So your stuff stands out.

To discover your content sweet spot.
Where you’ve earned real authority and credibility.

Once you’ve nailed this, it’s a lot easier to come up with the themes, topics and tactics most likely to resonate with your prospects.

We made a checklist for you

Check out the Big Fat B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist to answer your essential questions that inform a great strategy.

You need a content playbook

A content playbook is where you capture your entire strategy and the way you’re taking your stories to market.

Whether you’re new to this content thing or in your seventh year, a Content Playbook is more than a snapshot of where you are and where you’re going. It’s more like GPS for content teams.