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B2B content performance

Our B2B content performance team is changing your game. Moving you from the era of ‘publish it and they will come’ to the era of ‘show me the money’.

With a clever combination of analytics, automation and promotional platforms, we help you identify the content, channels and campaigns that deliver. And the ones that don’t.

Know your audience, plan your attack, automate nurture flows, action leads while they’re hot, and get your awesome content in front of the right people. And then watch your metrics blossom.

Performance focus

The team is committed to creating a strategic framework for marketing performance – and build the actual infrastructure to deploy and measure it.

You may find that you’re already doing some of the elements (we hope so). We’ll happily work with your team and your chosen martech platforms to fill any gaps and make sure your content and your demand generation practice is firing on all cylinders.


The Velocity Spin CycleTM

The deceptively simple diagram below represents our framework for data-driven performance marketing which we (proudly) call the Velocity Spin Cycle™.

If you’re listening to the data – the digital voice of your customer – this four-stage process delivers audiences that become more engaged with each cycle. Fancy a spin?

The Velocity Spin Cycle™
the Velocity Spin Cycle™

Clients we’ve worked with

This isn’t our first rodeo. Over the years we’ve worked with lots of fantastic B2B marketing teams in companies great and small, to slam dunk their targets using the Spin Cycle™. Here’s a few:


Want to join the list of clients spicing up their demand generation? Let’s make your content and marketing work harder.

B2B marketing is all about performance. Get in touch.

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Team members

Neil Stoneman
Content Performance Director
Neil does strategy across all disciplines and kind of runs the show.
Agustin Rejon
Head of Marketing Campaigns
Agu is a Marketo certified Marketing Automation Expert who’s also great at strategy and implementation.
Catherine Noble
Senior Campaign Strategist