B2B performance marketing


Good content marketing planning delivers compelling ideas that appeal to your audiences. Great planning optimizes these ideas to meet your defined key performance indicators.

With our Engage process, we take the output from the Discover phase and roll up our sleeves to build your performance marketing machine, starting with Set-up, then moving to Go-To-Market programs.


That means setting up your:

  • Web analytics – Adobe, Google… whatever
  • Nurture flows and lead scoring – in Marketo, Eloqua…whatever you use, integrating it with your CRM
  • Strategic reporting structure – the dashboards you need to track your new KPIs
  • Marketing Automation Hub – an all-singing, all-dancing performance marketing command centre


Developing and delivering the right content at the right place for the right audience.

That might mean baking in search trends, keywords, influencer opportunities, cross promotion, lead lifecycle analysis and testing strategies.

It might mean a PPC program, a new content journey, a programmatic ad buy or paid social media program. Or a triggered email series, a data-gathering interactive experience or a product launch playbook.

The outcome ensures every piece of content is planned, written and designed to drive established key performance indicators (KPIs) across all relevant marketing channels.

Start with a Playbook

A Velocity Playbook is a short, sharp strategy doc that captures the whole content marketing performance marketing in under 30 pages (well, sometimes under 50 pages).

It’s a great place to start – and a really good way to get all your stakeholders on board.

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