The simple idea

To us, data is not an abstract idea for techies. Data is your customers and prospects talking to you – telling you what they’re interested in and what bores them silly.

Ignoring these direct signals is criminal.

Listening to them – and acting on what you learn – is the road to revenue.

So we love data. Data from web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, PPC, social media and DMPs. Data from your transaction systems and ERP if you’ve got it. Just bring us the data.

The Velocity Spin Cycle™

Like all good marketers, we’ve taken a painfully simple idea and slapped a brand name on it. Actually the idea is simple, but the methodology is pretty rigorous.

The rigorous methodology

The Velocity Spin Cycle™ is our framework for the transformation to data-driven performance marketing. It looks like this:Velocity_spin_cycle

B2B content marketing benchmarking

Discover is the onboarding process. It’s where we benchmark where you are and set new KPIs.

More about B2B content marketing benchmarking

B2B performance marketing

Engage is where things kick off. Where we set up your analytics, nurture flows and lead scoring. Or create a Marketing Automation Hub with reporting dashboard. Then start taking things to market.

More about B2B performance marketing

B2B content marketing measurement

Measure is where we monitor the ongoing revenue machine and recommend actions.

More about B2B content marketing measurement

B2B Content Marketing Optimization

Optimize is where all that learning turns into better content programs, engagements and promotion.

More about B2B Content Marketing Optimization

This is culture change

The kind of transformation we’re talking about here really does come down to a change of culture for your marketing organisation.

In our experience, the teams that realise this, and actively manage the culture change, are the ones that succeed. We’ve seen a lot of transformation initiatives that worked brilliantly and some that didn’t – and we really, really prefer the former.

Want to chat about this stuff?

So do we!

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