The Future of Content Marketing: Five Beyonds

It’s a hugely exciting time to be a content marketer.

But it’s also a confusing time. The discipline never stands still for long enough to be photographed much less analyzed.

So when Abigail Harrison called from the B2B Huddle event here in the UK, I was really glad that she asked me to speak about “The Future of Content Marketing”. It’s a great time to step back and try to analyze where all this is headed.

Here’s my take. First, I collected a bunch of trends (about 38 at last count) including contributions from the B2B Content Marketing and  Content Strategy Groups on LinkedIn. Then I winnowed them down to things that marketers can actually do something about. And that I could fit in my speaking slot.

The result is embedded below.  I hate just dumping slides on Slideshare that were meant to be presented, so I put a distilled version of the talk track on screen too.
Then threw in a bonus: five trends that didn’t make the cut for the 35-minute talk.

So what do you think? What are your killer trends?


The #B2BHuddle was a great day. Now in its eighth year (I think), it’s a real community event for B2B marketers. I felt right at home.

The audio track for this presentation (or the original version of it) can be found on Neville Hobson’s blog For Immediate Release.

Adam Tinworth and Matt Buck captured each session in words and ‘Drawnalism‘ cartoons on One Man and His Blog.


Doug, this is excellent. Thanks for packaging it for ME (the guy who really WANTS to “get it”, but who won’t find the motivation to plow through unengaging, unclear volume). Loved the summary slide near the end, too. Great! Would LOVE to be a PARTICIPANT in seeing these trends emerge, rather than the (too) late adopter! Currently trying to get my bearings for designing resource centers or “resource libraries”. (But Doug, quick, before anyone else sees it, fix the typo on Slide 47. It’s in red font. You’ll see it).

Thanks Ron! The resource library challenge is a tough one. By medium? By topic? Both? Some other way?

And thanks for the typo catch. No one else saw that (or bothered to point it out to us if they did).

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