YouTube for B2B Technology Marketing

Just posted a short film we did for BT Counterpane in the US on to YouTube. It’s an interview with Bruce Schneier, security guru.

YouTube is fast, cheap (as in free) way to make video content available to anyone with a browser.

As marketers wake up to the fact that broadband has arrived, we’ll be seeing more and more video content on B2B sites. If you need confirmation that people prefer to watch TV than read text, just look at newspaper circulations versus Big Brother ratings (painful but true).

Even budget-strapped B2B marketers should be looking now at creating short videos, product demos, case stories and thought leadership pieces. Especially now that there’s a free distribution platform that still has some ‘cool’ left to bask in.

Sending prospects to YouTube may not seem very professional (our film is on the BT Counterpane site as well, of course), but it does demonstrate a form of guerrilla marketing — and just might reach people who wouldn’t visit the corporate website.

See what you think.

By the way, we also did a 20-minute cut of this interview as a sales force training piece and a few 30-second soundbites to insert in sales presentations. Shoot once, slice & dice with abandon.

B2B Internet Video is upon us.


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