Witamy (und Willkommen, Bienvenida, Bienvenue, Welkom) to Martha Rzeppa

We’re delighted to welcome Martha Rzeppa to Velocity today (the Rz in Rzeppa is pronounced like the je in ‘je ne sais quoi’).

Martha,  joins us after two-and-a-half years at Milestone Marketing in Utrecht in the Netherlands, a well-regarded B2B marketing shop specialising in all things digital. While she was there, she worked mainly with DSM,  the multi-national life and materials sciences company that sells into the global pharma, nutrition and medical devices markets, among many others. She advised DSM on digital campaigns, digital channels and building communities. She worked closely with creative teams to develop thought leadership and content marketing programmes across the various channels. Pretty much what she’ll be doing here in fact.

I’m sure she’ll do a post soon introducing herself, as soon as she has her feet under the table (though she doesn’t have a desk yet), but as well as being an expert in all things digital,  she speaks Polish, German and English like a native. And has fluent French (having spent a semester in Paris at University Pantheon-Assas). Oh, and good Spanish (having spent  a few months studying in Rosario, Argentina). Did I mention that she can also handle Dutch, having been there for a while before Milestone/DSM (she did a Masters(with distinction) in Economics and Business at the world-renowned Erasmus University in Rotterdam)? She also has a diploma in Latin. We now have more languages at Velocity within Velocity than we do people as Martha’s nap hand joins Ryan’s excellent  Norwegian (after nine years in Oslo) and Jim, who’s learning Czech so9 he can speak to his prospective mother in law. And Doug speaks American.

Here’s a picture of Martha eating cup cakes with Doug on her first day. Hopefully all Velocity’s friends and clients will run into her in the next few weeks.


Welcome aboard Martha!
I’ll teach you American so you can have that elusive tenth language.

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