Two important B2B marketing events in London

You can learn a lot about the new B2B marketing from a few day’s worth of Google trawling. But to get up to speed fast, there’s nothing like a really good face-to-face event.

Here are two you ought to know about:

The B2B Marketing Event

The first is FUNNEL 2011, from Econsultancy, running on 1st November in the Lancaster in London. It’s a content-packed, one-day conference, exhibition and networking event that covers the four stages of the B2B funnel: Attract, Engage, Nurture and Convert.  A great agenda, top speakers (Cisco, SAP, Marketo, Eloqua…) and the backing of Econsultancy, our favourite community of digital marketers. Definitely worth a day away from the office. Velocity is a sponsor, so you know it will be one of the top three days of your life — or at least your career.

We’ve also heard about Conversion Conference, coming up in 30 November to 1 December at the Business Design Centre in Islington. This is not just focused on B2B, so you’ll have to pick your way through some of the conversion content that’s more e-commerce related, but this looks like a strong agenda.  The organisers have offered Velocity’s blog readers a 15% discount just by using the code VELOCITY011 when you book — before this Thursday.  We can’t go so far as to endorse this one as we don’t know the people behind it, but if it looks good to you, feel free to use the code and save some money.


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