The Year in B2B Content Marketing – Best of (Other People’s) Content

There was a bumper crop of great content about content marketing this year. Some of our favorites…

Many called 2012 the year content marketing would come of age. It was, and it’s going to spill over into 2013. We’re all only going to get better and better at this.

The gang here at Velocity’s pretty satisfied with our output this year (here on the blog, the Content Marketing Strategy Checklist eBook and The Three Poisonous Metaphors slideshare), but we thought we’d take this opportunity to draw attention to other people’s writing about content marketing that particularly moved us this year. It’s 27 pieces in all – and, OK, there is one by us, but it’s particularly relevant to an event.

Click on the image and you’ll get the full PDF (no forms, no tracking, only love). Then click on the tile to open the piece. Share it, and feel the karma flow…

Content Marketing Greatest Hits 2012 infographic


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