New White Paper Available: How to PPC in B2B

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Roger Warner

04. 04. 2008 | 1 min read

New White Paper Available: How to PPC in B2B

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We just published a new web marketing white paper on the thorny subject of how to do PPC properly in an B2B environment.

Here’s a snippet:

If your goal is to generate leads and to contribute in a tangible way to the sales process, then PPC can be the ultimate tool in a B2B marketer’s armory.

At a basic level, B2B lead generation with PPC is not rocket surgery. It’s an old school tactic involving an ad, an offer, a coupon and a reward. And when executed well, the payoff is twofold: concrete sales leads and the healthy (and obvious) byproduct of increased traffic and raised awareness.

To get great results, we suggest you follow these five rules:

1) Set appropriate goals
2) Set appropriate conversion points
3) Set appropriate metrics
4) Set appropriate offers
5) Create appropriate landing pages

To learn more about it you can download the whole paper here

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  1. John Gillett

    April 14th, 2008

    THanks for the tips on PPC! You’re absolutely right: it is not rocket surgery, and it won’t kill you; but it pays to do it right.

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