‘Margin Killers’ eBook reaches 600 downloads

We didn’t mention this? We’ve been working with IBS, the wholesale distribution software experts, to produce a content series on the five big success drivers in wholesale distribution.

To kick the whole thing off we wrote and designed an eBook called The Six Margin Killers of Wholesale Distribution. If you want to know what I’m on about here, then download it.

It was a matter of presenting IBS’s considerable expertise in an engaging and easily digestible way, to attract readers and give them practical tips on keeping their margins under control.

And it’s proved to be extremely popular already. It’s had 600 downloads in 6 weeks, and that’s not counting all the downloads from other European and worldwide partner sites.

It’s a great start to the eBook series, because IBS’s expertise is being shared and prospects are finding it helpful. The company’s positioned more as a strategic partner in wholesale distribution than a generic ERP software vendor.And the sales team has some new people to call on (and a new discussion to have when they arrive).



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