How often do you need to publish content? 1-7-30-4-2-1

B2B content marketing frequency

Content Marketing is like publishing — you need an editorial calendar and a bit of discipline.  This guest post on Junta42 by Russell Sparkman of Fusionspark Media talks about how frequently you should be doing different elements of your content marketing mix.

The mnemonic (if you can call something that looks like a lock combination a mnemonic) is 1-7-30-4-2-1. In English, here’s a content marketing schedule to aspire to:

1 = Daily
Twitter tweets, Google Alert reviews, blog comment…

7 = Weekly
A new blog post, a short video

30 = Monthly
A heavy blog post based on research, an e-newsletter, meatier video…

4 = Quarterly
A white paper or eBook

2 = Bi-annually
An event, webcast or proper piece of print…

1 = Annually
A major event, iPhone app or some other ‘big idea’ piece of content

For small teams, it’s an ambitious schedule. But the returns should far exceed the bandwidth demands. And you can always enlist the help of a B2B marketing agency that really gets content marketing to help you out…


Great post…so simple, but a really good framework to start with. Thanks.

Nick Wassenberg

Yeah , we thought so, too, Nick. Thanks.

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