Guest blogging in B2B content marketing (with some examples)

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23. 03. 2012 | 2 min read

Guest blogging in B2B content marketing (with some examples)

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We do some guest blogging out there in the world. You should too. Because guest blogging helps you do these good things for your own B2B content marketing:

  • Extends your reach – beyond your current readership
  • Improves your SEO – with good, anchor-text-rich backlinks (if only in your bio – write it carefully!)
  • Builds bridges with influencers – the people who write great blogs
  • Broadens your topic range – allowing you to write a bit ‘off-piste’ without diluting your blog
  • Encourages guest posts on your own blog – which can deliver great new content

That’s why we do guest blogging.

The downside? All that priceless insight is lost to your own B2B blog.
You don’t want to cut and paste whole chunks from the original guest post on to your blog — that would be duplicate content and you’d get whacked with the Google-stick.

So we think it’s a good idea to regularly round-up the guest posts you’ve sprinkled out there in the world and point your blog readers towards them.

Some guest blog posts we prepared earlier
With that in mind, here are a few recent B2B content marketing guest posts for you to enjoy… right now if you’re got a few minutes:

B2B Content Marketing Apartheid
This one is about the myth that the content in content marketing campaigns is somehow better than so-called ‘promotional’ content.

We don’t believe that and this post says why.  Do read the comment stream, too: some excellent insight there.

How to Choose a B2B Content Marketing Agency
This one does what it says in the title: gives some tips (17 actually) about choosing the right content marketing agency for your B2B content marketing.

B2B content marketing isn’t like old-school, campaign-based marketing.  It depends on a long-term relationship and a sustained cadence of activities.

When looking for a B2B content marketing agency, we do think that many B2B marketers often ask the wrong things – things that won’t necessarily correlate with a successful content marketing relationship. This list might help.

Finding your B2B content marketing sweet spot
This post is about finding your company’s sphere of authority – or ‘sweet spot’ – the zone where you’re uniquely positioned to have an expert opinion.

This is hugely important in B2B content marketing. If you write from your sweet spot, your pieces will hit the target, get shared and build your brand as a real thought leader. If you write outside your sweet spot, the work will feel like you’re skating on thin ice (and you will be).

The post goes into how to recognise your own B2B content marketing sweet spot and how to extend it to places you may not yet be expert in.


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