Clean tech marketing and green tech marketing: a different kind of B2B

We’ve recently worked with a handful of companies that offer clean technologies or green technologies (or both if SEO is important to you) and we’ve noticed some issues that they have in common.  So we thought we’d capture them in this new slideshare:

Clean Technology Marketing and Green Technology Marketing: A Velocity Slideshare

The principles of good B2B marketing apply in clean tech too, but there are some other things to think about on top.  Including one idea we call ‘Parapet Risk’ — the added risk you take when you stick your head above the parapet and say, “We’re green!”.

As Anita Roddick found out, companies that claim to be green are subject to much more scrutiny than those who never even make an effort.  The Body Shop got more abuse on green issues than WalMart.

Hope you like the slides.  Let us know what you think.


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