Calnetix Power Solutions gets a dose of Velocity

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Angus Woods

25. 06. 2010 | 3 min read

Calnetix Power Solutions gets a dose of Velocity

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The problem: how to sell a ground-breaking innovation to one of the world’s most conservative industries.

Calnetix Power Solutions has invented a technology that captures waste heat from engines, boilers and industrial applications and turns it into electricity. The process is called the Organic Rankine Cycle, and has been used in large-scale, big footprint applications for many years. What makes Calnetix’s product different is that it’s applicable to the hundreds of thousands of smaller-scale engines and boilers in use all over the world.

It’s a clean, green, efficient technology, so it was perfect for Velocity’s green tech arm. This kind of solution is the future as people look for ways to save money, reduce carbon emissions and cut down on their dependence on fossil fuels. A zero-emissions, zero fuel solution should get a lot of attention – but so far, nobody knew about it.

When they came to us, Calnetix needed to launch to the global market at the PowerGen show in just eight weeks.

What we did


  • Rather than a completely new technology, we recommended showing how it was based on a piece of trusted technology (ORC) already widely used for decades
  • The breakthrough was to optimize it for smaller scale applications


  • Completely new identities for the company and the product, emphasizing the green credentials
  • New names for the Optimized Rankine Technology™ and the CleanCycle™ product.


  • A new Stage 1 website in delivered in flat HTML in just two weeks – in time for the PowerGen Show.
  • SEO strategy and execution to ensure that Calnetix are as high up the search rankings as possible.
  • New collateral – a product brochure, a pocket-sized guide, and a 1-page information sheet – all with a graphic illustrating how Clean Cycle works. Plus a new presentation and document templates.
  • The PowerGen show stand picking up on the visual theme of the identity, collateral and website.
  • Three videos, two on-site case stories and a ‘chalk talk’ explaining exactly what Calnetix’s CleanCycle technology does.
  • PR around the event – run by Bridget Fishleigh of Nomad Communications. She set up some key interviews and got coverage during and after show.

The new website homepage:

Brochure pages:

Front page

Inner brochure pages

Keeping the momentum

  • The Calnetix PS website will evolve and develop as more content is added to become a more comprehensive, richer site and a platform for lead generation.
  • Next: content marketing campaigns built around thought leadership material such as ebooks, white papers, videos and case studies.

CEO Brad Garner said:

“This was a great experience and a really fun project for us to be involved in. We gave Velocity a short timeline to complete a large number of tasks and they did a great job in accomplishing them all. They kept us involved at every stage, and made some great judgment calls that impacted on our idea.”

Calnetix Power Solutions was a really good client to work for. They needed us to get up to speed on a market fast, do a lot of different things, and apply our branding chops to get to market quickly. To help us deliver on such tight timescales, they gave us all the information we needed then let us do what we do best.  Onward and upward.

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  1. peter messner

    July 7th, 2010

    wir sind lieferanten von motorem MAN in italien und haben kunden die die wärmen vom motor nützen möchten
    können sie mir daten und beschreibung in deutsch vom ORC zuschicken
    wir haben eine abwärme von 85/90 grad und eine leistung von 460KW (wärme)

    bedanke mich in voraus
    peter Messner

    1. Stan Woods

      July 14th, 2010

      Thanks for your comment. What’s your email address and I’ll get someone from Calnetix to handle your query. I think your heat maybe too low though.

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