B2B Marketing Masters: How do you make content stand out in a busy market? [VIDEO]

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Ryan Skinner

10. 05. 2012 | 2 min read

B2B Marketing Masters: How do you make content stand out in a busy market? [VIDEO]

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Perhaps the richest vein of juicy sound clips from the B2B Masters interview with John Watton came in this segment on content.

When John Watton of Expedia Affiliate Network and Stan get on the topic of content (and what makes the difference between forgettable content and memorable content), opinions really start to fly. And why? Because it’s clearly something they care about, and something that matters.

Amongst the little gems from the chat:

The world is littered with B2B data sheets and white papers that are just so dull…Marketers need to remember that humans are going to read this stuff, not just robots.

A crime among B2B marketers is simply thinking that anyone really gives a damn about what you’re talking about.

We think too much about how to stand out against our 3-4 competitors, when we should really be thinking about how we get through amongst hundreds of competing signals.

If you want to know what some of the leading B2B and content marketers in the field think about content today, this is a clip to watch. And if you’re missing the context for this interview and want a quick intro, see Stan’s quickie intro.

Also, after the video, see links to all of the previous clips released from this B2B Masters interview.

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