B2B Marketing Masters: B2B social media for better or worse

Listen in to some surprising thoughts on services like Klout and LinkedIn, in this social media segment of the B2B Marketing Masters video interview with John Watton.

Social media has washed over the B2B world in a way reminiscent of Ghandi’s quote: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Social media has more or less won in B2B, but people are still scratching their heads: “Now what?”

In this interview, John Watton shares his rich experience implementing social media tactics in marketing efforts – what seems to work, what doesn’t seem to work.

And note that this is no pie-eyed social media cheerleading; the darling of new B2B channels gets rough treatment in some contexts.

If you want to see a quick one-minute introduction to this B2B marketing masters series, see this mini-segment from Stan.

And we’ve included links to all of the other segments in the series below the video. Enjoy!

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I appreciate the comments regarding the limitations of LinkedIn. Although it can be a great tool for connecting, the platform has not yet realized its full potential.

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