In case you missed these B2B marketing guest posts

B2B guest posts - a look back

We’re big believers in doing guest posts on other marketing sites. It reaches new audiences, builds backlinks and boosts our page rank and overall search rankings.

The only bad thing: our regular blog readers don’t get to see them unless they happen to follow the blogs we’re posting on. We wouldn’t want to simply cut and paste the posts here — that would create duplicate content and we’d get Google-slapped. But maybe we could just let our readers know about some recent posts out there, in case they want to check them out.

With that in mind, here’s a round-up of four recent posts we did on Econsultancy, the world’s greatest digital marketing community, training company, research house and event organiser (ok… and client of Velocity):

Targeting by psychographics instead of demographics
We all consider the mindset of our target audiences but do we ever actually segment our audience and target campaigns accordingly?

Help – I’m being stalked by a clumsy ad retargeter!
The marketers at Fuze Meeting have been retargeting our whole company — and any of our clients who attend one of our web meetings hosted on Fuze. I complained. Was ignored. And posted about it. I then got a very strange response (offline) from a crazy person claiming to be the head of marketing at Fuze. Ask me about it sometime.

Website governance problems are eroding effectiveness
Ryan actually wrote this puppy but it’s under my byline due to the guest posting rules. It’s all about the importance of proper web quality management, especially for companies with big, global web estates. How do you monitor the quality and compliance of 25 sites?

Why B2B marketers need to be revenue marketers
Why accountability is the new B2B mission — and why owning the revenue pipeline is essential.

There. I feel much better now that these posts are also being shared with our immense, loyal — dare we say passionate – Velocity blog readers. And I think I did it in such a way that Econsultancy doesn’t lose any Google juice (in fact they get the backlinks).


Photo: a.dombrowski flickr creative commons


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