B2B marketing agency Velocity creates new website for intranet providers SmallWorlders

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14. 01. 2010 | 2 min read

B2B marketing agency Velocity creates new website for intranet providers SmallWorlders

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Velocity, the B2B marketing agency for technology companies, has just announced a new website for SmallWorlders, specialists in intranets for marketing and brand teams.

The agency developed a new brand positioning for the company, new language to describe it’s services and a fresh online presence.Smallworlders built the new website on their own Sandbox™ platform.

“The idea was to appeal to marketing executives by looking and sounding like a marketing agency,” said Neil Stoneman, Velocity Client Services Director, “too many intranet players look and feel like the techies they are.That won’t cut it in the specialised world of marketing.”

Velocity also clarified SmallWorlders products and service levels, repackaging them so that customers can be sure that what they’re getting is exactly right for them.

Neil Stoneman: “We gave them a new way to talk about their business by renaming and redefining their products. That’s especially important if you’re going fishing for marketing people, because they’re so aware of how things are presented. Now the products sound as exciting as they really are.”

And in case an all-singing, all-dancing brand-savvy website wasn’t quite enough, Velocity also helped evangelise SmallWorlders’ unique approach through thought leadership web pages. They’ll be converting the heathen marketing masses to the Way of the SmallWorlders soon.

“We’re thrilled with the new Smallworlders story and the website,” says Kevin Cody, Smallworlders MD, “It looks great and presents just the right image for us.”


About Velocity

Velocity is the B2B marketing agency for technology companies.

Website: www.velocitypartners.com

Blog: www.velocitypartners.com/blog

Twitter: velocitytweets

Contact: [email protected]

About Smallworlders

Smallworlders make smart, sexy and social intranet sites for distributed agency and brand marketing teams.

Smallworlders marketing intranets harness the power of Web 2.0 to inspire and turbo-charge marketing teams.  The result is fun, fast and furious collaboration; simple and intuitive knowledge sharing; and hyper-speed process efficiencies.

SmallWorlders’ term for this method is Collective Marketing™ and it’s changing the way marketing organisations work together.


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