B2B Marketing Agency of the Year?

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Doug Kessler

30. 07. 2013 | 1 min read

B2B Marketing Agency of the Year?

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We have mixed feelings about awards.

When we see other people win them, we think they’re over-valued ego-candy and not worth the time, money and effort it takes to enter.

But when we win them, we see them as a proper celebration of excellence and a reflection of our true standing in the industry.

On balance, it felt like malpractice not to submit a few entries to B2B Marketing magazine’s B2B Marketing Awards, the premier B2B gongs in the UK. So we put squeezed two entries in under the deadline — and got shortlisted for both.

The big one is for the coveted B2B Marketing Communications Agency of the Year. We’re thrilled to be on the shortlist, even if we are up against ten other top shops.
B2B Marketing Awards
Given the odds, we thought we’d better start shouting about it now, so we can use the words “B2B Marketing Agency of the Year” in our headline for a few months, even if it is followed by a question mark.

We also got shortlisted for the not-so-coveted-but-still-pretty-cool Best Limited Budget Campaign. We entered this Maxymiser slideshare rant (No, we don’t want to be famous for limited budget work but we are proud of this one, made for the highly talented marketer Paul Dunay):


It’s been a great year and we’re glad we entered.

Fingers crossed.

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