12 Days Later: SEO Velocity Style – Get Results Quick!

Yes, we’re a living lab, practising what we preach and telling you all about it.

12 days ago I blogged about our (re)birth as a presence on Google. Today, we’re #2 on our key term ‘B2B technology marketing agency’ on Google.com (that’s right .com!).

Here’s what happened in the interim…

SEO Chart for ‘B2B technology marketing agency’

The great big ‘Velocity SEO Petri Dish’ experiment is generating some serious results.

Now, back in November, our plan was to optimize around the term ‘information technology marketing agency’ because we felt competition around the term ‘B2B technology marketing agency’ was a little too hot for a runt start-up like us.

But we’ve tweaked a few things and it looks like we’re winning. Here’s the view from Google today:

Google snapshot on Velocity’s SEO efforts around the term ‘B2B technology marketing agency’

And, for a live view of things, try this…

How did we do it?

Well, I’m conscious that this post is crowing and that these things have a habit of changing fast (competitors, algorithms, the gods). But, to be honest with you it’s not rocket surgery – you just need to know what you’re doing and you need to be committed to the cause to keep it up.

Here’s our paper on how to do it properly using some good old search engine optimization (SEO) trickery.

If you don’t have time to read it just yet, here’s the quickstart guide:

  • Establish your terms: ideally, go for concepts that are high on searcher volume but low on competition
  • Implement your site and your design using these terms
  • Publish a shed load of content to your site on a regular basis around these terms and concepts
  • Encourage other people to link to you using these terms
  • Engage with the world through things like Pay Per Click (PPC – eg, Google Adwords), social media networking, online PR and blogging campaigns: drive people to your site

…and that’s basically it. It gets a bit more complex once you get into the nitty gritty, but these ideas should get you going.

Or, of course, just contact us and we’ll help you out.


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