Mel’s Christmas Posters

Mel Bartheidel, ace designer from the Velocity stable (yes, we keep them in a stable) designed some very cool posters for the Somerset House Super Christmas…

22. 12. 2010

What B2B marketers can learn from Viagra Spam

Viagra spammers have a tough challenge. They know that if they can get their message to a few billion people, a few thousand morons will place an order. But…

20. 12. 2010

Project Open Robe 10 – The Form Conclusion

We cursed the web form. But warned it might fight back. Has the form risen, Phoenix like from the Velocity flames,

01. 12. 2010

Project Open Robe 9: The Lead Nurturing Effect.

Project Open Robe shows how you can use lead nurturing to transform your email returns in just one week. It’s lik

12. 11. 2010

How to inject urgency into your B2B marketing

We talk a lot about the Battle for Attention in B2B and about Buyer Attention Deficit Disorder and the relentless Mississippi of info-dreck that gushes…

10. 11. 2010

Project Open Robe 8: email follow-up and promotional defense barriers

One of the experiments we ran in our B2B Marketing Manifesto campaign was to send a simple, quirky text email as a follow-up to our sexy HTML email…

05. 11. 2010

B2B Mobile Marketing: the distant thunder grows louder

We’ve been spending a lot of time in Google Analytics lately thanks to Project Open Robe (our ‘living case study’). On one lunchtime…

03. 11. 2010

Project Open Robe 7 – Can analytics find the world’s best B2B marketers?

We want great B2B marketing clients. But where can we find the people who share our view of the marketing world. Fi

27. 10. 2010

The B2B Marketing Manifesto Explained

Doug talks to John Sweeney about the frustrations and hope that inspired the B2B Marketing Manifesto.

26. 10. 2010

B2B Marketing Agency campaign in a scribble

We were mapping out the B2B Marketing Manifesto campaign on a sheet of A4 lined paper and this is what was left behind on the meeting table. Pretty much all…

22. 10. 2010

Twitter and the tyranny of the new

Is it just me or have you noticed how Twitter buries the best under a blizzard of blah-blah-blah? Feels like it’s a medium that favours newness over…

Are B2B marketers wimps? Project Open Robe part 6

Our recent micro-survey generated some disturbing data: B2B marketers are wimps. Not a pretty result but maybe it’s time to face up to it…

19. 10. 2010