Rebecca Ley

Senior Writer

Someday Velocity will have its little Wiki footnote of fame, and it’ll all be due to Rebecca. Or, more accurately, to the fact that we finally have a real live (last time we checked) novelist on our team.

It’s been done before. Rushdie and Ogilvy & Mather. Pratchett and the Central Electricity Generating Board. And now Ley and Velocity Partners.

Besides being an old hand at the gnarliest deadline of all (an entire book for heaven’s sake), she’s also a very old soul. (She’s lived in London for ‘about a thousand years’.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rebecca loves Italy for its classical history, though we suspect it’s the shenanigans of classical deities that really rock her boat.

When she’s not being an award-winning novelist, Rebecca watches The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pretty much all the time. She had series one to eleven out of the way in six months flat. See what we mean about acing deadlines?

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