Lisa Dare

Senior Writer

Lisa’s pre-B2B resume reads like a collection of dime-store character backstories. She’s bartended on Bourbon Street (!), interned for Senator Ted Kennedy (!!) and worked as an organizer on the first Obama campaign (!!!). Oh yeah, she also held 15 jobs in one year in her early 20s – presumably not all at the same time, but given Lisa’s “let’s-do-this” energy, we can’t be sure.

She fell into copywriting on a whim and promptly discovered a deep love for the human aspect of B2B. In her non-marketing time, she’s a part-time kayaker, also-part-time screenwright/author and full-time cleaner. (“There are four males in my house. Five if you count the bunny. Six if you count my 8-year-old twice, which you absolutely should.)

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