Matthew Horsnell

Senior Art Director

Matthew’s originally from Adelaide, but hasn’t lived there for ages. Instead, he voluntarily deprived himself of sunlight and warmth by moving first to London, then to Sweden (where he lived for 10 years and ran his own company) and back to London again.

Matthew has been working in the industry for 18 years (Brand Communication, Brand Identity and Advertising). He has an appetite for finding an idea and making it grow into a big statement that makes a difference, has spirit and an element of surprise. Also, typography, at one stage owner of over 15,000 typefaces.”

Matthew gets his design inspiration from central Europe and Scandinavia – he loves the work of 1920’s Bauhaus, Wim Crouwel, and Erik Spiekermann.

More stuff about Matt:

  • He’s a sucker for Swiss watches.
  • He once directed the Hoff – the actual Hoff of talking cars and Pam Anderson fame! – in a title sequence for a Swedish TV show.
  • He’s into the Beatles. Big time. He’s been a fan since age 5 (and claims to have worn every Beatle haircut in corresponding yearly order – just 30 years later. But he hasn’t supplied picture evidence).

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